Wednesday, January 30, 2013

ArtWorks at the MJCC

uhhh, what are you going to do with that?

The Mittleman Jewish Community Center has begun a new program called ArtWorks.

Each month, a working artist will offer a demonstration of their work process.

Eddy Shuldman, a glass artist and one of the founders of ORA will be the first featured artist.
She'll demonstrate some of the more complex cutting techniques she employs in her work and will also offer the spectators an opportunity to try their hand at simple glass cutting.

In addition to the demonstration, Eddy will also have several of her finished pieces for sale. A portion of each sale will be donated to the MJCC. Mention that you saw this blog and you will receive an immediate discount on her an order for a commissioned piece and also receive a discount!

Find out the difference between stained glass and fused glass....or even HOT glass. Learn to distinguish between irids and dichroic. Learn why slumping is not a symptom of depression although it can make a depression!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013




I have to keep telling myself to stay focused.  The demands and joys of daily life are many and everyone needs balance in their lives.  Then when I'm in my studio, I have to remind myself to work on the ideas I want to develop the most and not  get distracted. 


EDDY SHULDMAN: Glass artist

I'm not too fond of the word "resolution" but I will claim intention.

I have a few of those!

• My studio...filled with paper, glass, tools....and more glass, and more tools...will become more functional and possibly organized!
• I will become more playful with my work...and if possible, enjoy what I'm doing even more
• TIME MANAGEMENT: I need to find out what that means!
• Get more photos of my work
• Is this the year I stretch beyond my blog?
• I will step outside my comfort zone to learn new techniques and work with new materials!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Resolution Means Risk Taking

JUDITH HANKIN: Paper Cuts, Etched Glass and More

To create new inspiring work materials? 
a new take on an old design? a stretch in a new direction...
Also to figure out a way to successfully market and/or mass produce a line of my art.... Web page/ Etsy/ Facebook  
(and to ask for help!)

Another Artist With Vision!

Here's another resolution shared by BRAUNA RITCHIE: glass and mixed media

...I want to always try to “change up” my art. If I do this,
     then my goal of challenging my creativity is met.
...I want to always try to do the unexpected. 
...I’d like to find a way to give my art more exposure.


Our members are sharing their new year's art resolutions.....what are yours?

Beading an hour a day.  As my old friend says, "amazing things can happen when you give it an hour a day."


HANK KEETON: photography

 To update my website more regularly!

Have over 200+ images waiting…waiting…patiently…

New Year's Art Resolutions #3 !


My resolution is to bone up on my drawing skills. There is a site that I go to for quick 30 second sketches, plus I'm taking a class in drawing.  Also, I'd like to make a plan of creating my art on certain days at certain  times to be more productive.

Another Resolution

 Spend more time and love perfecting my ideas

Resolutions in Art

We'll be posting some of our member's art resolutions.....WHAT'S YOURS?


I don't make resolutions.  They seem to set me up for failure.  Instead, I sit down at year's beginning and craft "intentions"…. directions in which I wish to move.  Art is a core essential in my life, yet I often find it being pushed into a corner, waiting for me to bring to it the right time, the right head space, energy and direction.   Needless to say, that special alignment eludes me often!  So….This year I intend to develop an art PRACTICE.  Kind of like I imagine musicians develop naturally, out of necessity.  Whether I'm in the mood or not, I'm going to sit down and create something, anything, using any medium, just so I'm immersed in the DOING of art, rather than just the "thinking about doing" art.  I'm going to aim for three times a week, for several hours at a time.  Hopefully, the fun will fuel me into perhaps devoting more time and energy in that direction.  But I'm going to accept what comes, rather than overhaul my sweet life to exclude other joyful pursuits.  It's all about balance. Wish me luck!