Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Harriet Levi at the COA

Guest artist Harriet Levi had a beautiful display of paintings at ORA's Celebration of Art 2012~!

Harriet is active in the Portland arts community, participating in numerous group and solo shows. Her booth was filled with colorful paintings and an electric personality! 

Her website is filled with her beautiful artwork as well as contact information.  Check her out!!!!         

Monday, October 22, 2012

Celebration of Art 2012

I was too busy having great conversations with my customers to get to my camera to capture great crowd shots. This will have to do! 

We had a wonderfully supportive audience for the show/sale and we are most grateful to the community for joining us!

George Fendel set the mood with his fabulous jazz piano stylings and jazz guitarist, Tim Roth closed out the afternoon with his beautiful  music. 

Thank you to our fabulous member and guest artists, all the friends and family who helped us set up and take the MJCC for their support, and of course...much gratitude to the community that came out to view our work and purchase art!    There will be additional member shows in the next several months.  

If you want information or would like to be on a mailing list, drop us a note:

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Ellen Shefi: Seeing the Natural World

When a photograph makes you feel like you are there- in that place, in that know you got to have it! 

Ellen Shefi takes photographs that transport the viewer into her space the moment she snaps the shutter button. The colors are bold, brilliant , alive!

Come see Ellen's newest work. Nourish your soul and bring a new photograph home.

 MJCC  6651 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland, Or  503.244.0794

Admission is free! day only!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Jonathon Lietz: A Painter With New Angles !

We are most pleased to welcome Jonathon Lietz to our artists' collective. Jonathon brings his skills as a painter to capture styles of painting not reperesented in our group. Not only that, but he's a warm and friendly guy! Come meet him at our annual 
Celebration of Art 2012!
It's this Sunday, October 21st
10:30am-4:30 pm
Mittleman Jewish Community Center
6651 SW Capitol Hwy
Portland Oregon  

Admission is free, the art is fabulous and we'll have live music for much of the day!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meet Brauna Ritchie!

Glass and Metal are two of artist Brauna Ritchie's materials employed in her art. Sometimes they appear together in her mixed media works.  The results are exciting!  

Check out the variety of work that has just emerged from her studio. You will Brauna and her art at the Celebration of Art Sale at the MJCC 6651 SW Capitol Hwy- Portland Oregon
on Sunday, October 21st 10:30 am- 4:30 pm

ORA is pleased to welcome this exciting new guest artist!

Monday, October 15, 2012

There's no place like home! : Sharon Stern

Sharon has a knack for recognizing what translates a house into a home. 
Often working from photographs, Sharon transforms the craft of quilting into an art form. 

Her quilts will be available for purchase on October 21st at the Mittleman Jewish Community Center between 10:30am-4:30 pm.
6651 SW Capitol Hwy- Portland Oregon   503.244.0794

It's the annual ORA Northwest Jewish Arts Celebration of Art!
Admission is free!

You'll also find ceramics, paintings, jewelry, glass, photography, fiber art and silk paintings...and more!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Linda Bourne:Exciting new ORA Artist!

Stop by Linda's booth next Sunday and you will discover what distinguishes her work from most other ceramicists. You'll discover that her techniques for styling and coloring clay are really quite remarkable. You'll delight in schmoozing with her and you will be thrilled when you make your decision to bring home at least one of her beautiful works. Stop by early for your best selection. This work isn't going to stick around for long!
              SUNDAY OCTOBER 21  10:30am- 4:30 pm
  MJCC 6651 SW Capitol HWY - Portland     503.244.0111


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

KBOO Yiddish Hour Info

We love KBOO and we especially adore the Yiddish Hour on Sunday mornings.
They have been a strong supporter of the Jewish arts here in Portland while promoting yiddish and Jewish music on the air!

Some of can't tune in on Sunday mornings because of other here's some really great news I just received from them:


This is the best way to submit calendar items for broadcast on the Yiddish Hour.  In general, we announce events that are open to the entire community and appear to have general interest.  Due to time limitations, we are not always able to announce all items, and some items may be edited for content and length.  All items must be compatible with KBOO's policies about what can be broadcast

Thanks again, 
The Portland Yiddish Hour Hosts