Tuesday, September 29, 2009

OJM is on the Move!

One of our favorite organizations is the Oregon Jewish Museum. They hosted our very first exhibit, and we definitely consider them Family. So we're very happy to hear that OJM has found a new home, and hopes to move in by mid-December.

Having searched long and hard for a suitable property, OJM will make its new home at 1953 NW Kearney Street. Already recognized locally and nationally as a leader in Jewish museum programming, OJM will now be able to expand its exhibits, programs and services to more fully meet the needs of the Oregon community which it serves. The new gallery space will allow for larger and multiple concurrent exhibitions. An expanded volunteer program will provide a variety of museum services and new volunteer opportunities in hospitality, tours/docents, research and multimedia. The new building will also provide a safekeeping solution for the museum's collections and artifacts, as well as a screening room, and convenient parking.

In a collaborative venture, the Oregon Jewish Museum will sublet a small portion of the space to the
Oregon Holocaust Resource Center. "Being housed under the same roof will provide a community benefit and allow both organizations to become stronger...." says Museum Director Judith Margles.

To follow progress of OJM's move, watch for the new "On the Move" section at www.ojm.org soon. Hatzlacha!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Now She's Published!

The work of Sabina Wohlfeiler, our wonderful painter, will be featured in a publication called "Artists of Willamette Heights," to be published in October. Stay tuned for more information about where to buy it.

Mazal Tov, Sabina! We're so proud of you!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sneak Preview

I got a sneak peak this evening at some of the things Rosana has been working on...... squeeeeeeeeaaaaalllllll !!!!! Very cool! I can barely wait until our Celebration of Art on October 25th to see what everyone else is coming up with! The excitement is starting to build.....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Treat for The Eyes, and the Spirit

Four members of our group made it to Sabina's opening last night at the Portland Japanese Garden, and it was well worth our time! What a beautiful exhibit! Both the artwork and the setting were just wonderful. The atmosphere was celebrative, but serene. Everything was beautifully exhibited, with gorgeous Ikebana flower arrangements gracefully placed among the displays.

Of course, I'm being completely impartial when I say that Sabina's work was the best (sly grin)! But seriously, we were so thrilled to see completely new work from Sabina, as well as some of our all-time favorites. And some of the other artists blew us away too! It makes me even more excited in anticipation of our own show coming up in October!

My advice: stop reading this blog, get up and go to the Japanese Garden.... NOW!!! You won't regret it.

September 12-20 the exhibit in the Garden Pavilion is free with admission to the Garden.

Portland Japanese Garden
611 SW Kingston Ave
Portland, OR 97205-5886
(503) 223-1321


Friday, September 11, 2009


Tonight is the reception at the Portland Japanese Garden for the opening of their new exhibit, "Translations: Art Inspired by the Portland Japanese Garden."

Sabina's watercolor work is being featured, and Eddy and I are going to attend. It should be fun, rubbing elbows in the art world. I'll report on the whole thing here.

Meantime, plan to attend this beautiful exhibit. It's there until September 20th.

Portland Japanese Garden
611 SW Kingston Ave
Portland, OR 97205-5886
(503) 223-1321

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Gary and I saw the famous play "Wicked" while vacationing in Seattle. Wow! It was incredible!

Having heard the ads when the show was in Portland, I thought it was just a campy play, but it is actually much more. It's a GREAT story, cleverly tying in the plot of the original classic, while turning it on its head. The songs are wonderful, especially the inspiring "Defying Gravity." The characters are so much fun! And the visual impact of the whole thing is incredible. The sets, the dances, the WARDROBE!! (Fabric addicts will think they've died and gone to heaven.)

The physical acting by the key characters is priceless. It's a clever ploy, using memorable postures from the 1939 movie characters to lend instant recognition, even while presenting a completely different scenario. (If you walked in with no idea what the show was, and saw the characters acting silently behind a cloth curtain, you would know from their postures exactly who they were.) And as Elphaba's transformation matures, and she finally lets out that famous cackling "evil laugh," it brings the house down!

If you have a chance, go see this show! It's such a wonderful, thought-provoking production. I'm also impressed with the company's dedication to green concerns (they point out that they are "the greenest show on Broadway.") It's playing at The Paramount in Seattle through October 4th, and is also running in Nashville right now. Then it moves on to other parts of the country. It's worth the effort!

Wicked: A New Musical

Tour schedule

A Greener Lifestyle