Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Coming in early February - Exodus!

February 7 – 24, 2008

ORA: Northwest Jewish Artists present


New Exhibit at the Oregon Jewish Museum

A year ago OJM hosted our first show, Breishit: In the Beginning.

This year we return to the museum on February 7 with a new exhibit - Exodus: Our Journeys.

This exhibit is an artistic and spiritual exploration of Torah text, of personal and artistic journeys. Works on display will include collage, paint, silk, fiber, precious metals, beadwork, glass, and photography.

Miriam Dancing by Diane Fredgant

Our exhibit will run from February 7 through February 24, 2008.

Please join us for a FIRST THURSDAY opening on February 7, 2008, 5-8 p.m.

Friday, January 4, 2008

A Yummy Meeting

We held our 1st meeting of the year yesterday and had decided to do a pot luck lunch meeting - also a 1st.

Not surprisingly, we are all good cooks/bakers and the foods were delicious.

Hmmm.......wouldn't be surprised if we decided to do a cookbook filled with our favorite recipes and of course, our art : - ).

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Pull Up a Chair!

Diane, Robin and Laurie are designing a chair for The Chair Affair Benefit for The Community Warehouse.

For more information on The Community Warehouse click here.

"We were laughing and squealing and screaming with sheer delight over our ideas !!! Any little girl would LOVE this chair. "

"I guess I'm just a little girl at heart" said Laurie..... "last week I needed to buy something at Home Depot and as I walked in I saw a play house.... castle in front of the building. I ran over to it , went inside, and believe me when I tell you that if I had 1,600 extra dollars I would have bought that play house just for Moi ! I always loved play houses as a child and I still do. It had bay windows, and shutters. I was never fortunate to have a real play house as a child but I'll always dream of it."

This group chair has:

Queens and Crowns
reading about fantasy and fairy tales
frou frou
all things girly

The chair incorporates pinks, golds, glitter, snow globes, velvet and capes, into storybook magical lands.

"So jump onto the magic carpet and come away with us to fantasy land as we turn ideas and smiles into reality."

Read more about the Chair Affair and see where the chairs will be viewable.