Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Meet Ahuva!

Ahuva Shmueli will be a featured artist at the JAM Lobby Show May 12-17
ORA is pleased to welcome Ahuva to the Jewish Arts Month Lobby Show at the MJCC!
(6651 SW Capitol Hwy. Portland, Oregon) 
Here's a personal note from the artist! 

 Since I moved to Portland three years ago, I have been focusing on learning, exploring and making art. 

 I use three main medias: drawing with ink and markers, encaustic paintings and printmaking. 

 My inspiration is mostly urban scape. I leave down town and admire the view that I see every day, and that is so deferent from the place I came from. 

 I also love houses - the inside and outside of them. They represent a lot for me - personally and culturally. 

You can meet Ahuva on Monday May 13th or Tuesday the 14th between 11:45-2:30 or Wednesday between 1-3:30 in the lobby of the MJCC!

Her work is available for purchase, even when she's not there! Just pick up her card and let her know which of her beautiful pieces you'd like to purchase!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meet Michelle Katz!

     Jewish Arts Month is coming and this year it is in MAY! 

 ORA is most pleased to present Michele Katz who will participate in the "Under 40" show that will begin on May 12th and run through Friday afternoon the 17th at the MJCC (6651 SW Capitol Hwy!)
                                Admission is free!!!!!!

Michelle Katz, an artist and art educator has had formal training in a variety of art media. She has a B.A. in Art History and M.A. in Art Education. She worked for several years in glass and tile mosaics having her artwork in galleries and shows, but Michelle always returns to painting. She has continued to paint off and on since her college years, settling on acrylic as her preferred paint.

Michelle is inspired by artists such as Gustav Klimt, Henri Matisse, and Chuck Close whose influence can be seen in her recent works. But she does not paint recognizable objects because she wants to be free from depicting the world’s realism. She believes that if she is surprised by where the next brush stroke takes her, then the audience will be equally surprised and
delighted. Her bold, free-form shapes and the energy in her paintings represent her inner free-spirit that she does not often show.

My goal is for the audience to discover something new with each view. I encourage you to choose a section, take in the complexity of layers, and feel the kinetic energy.”

We'll post a schedule of when Michelle will be at the J right before the show opens. Check back with this blog regularly to find out when you can come out to meet her and perhaps buy a piece of her art for your home or as a gift!