Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tired Mama

Our Celebration of ART was a great success!! Great location, great staff, great artists, and great customers. I'm so happy, and soooooo tired!! More details soon. Meanwhile, Mazal Tov to everyone who participated, and Thank You to everyone who attended!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

There's a Kind of Hush...

Our show is tomorrow. After months of hustle and bustle, meetings, computers, e-mails, errands and phone calls, there is now an amazing quiet between us. It's up to each of us individually now, getting our own work done, planning our displays, perhaps panicking a little bit privately. Yom Kippur imposed a mandatory stop on all fretting and activity, and now we each have a very finite period of time to get it all finalized.

Even when I've seen fellow group members in the last few days, there hasn't been much discussion of particulars; just a quiet "are you ready?" accompanied by a small smile, or just "See you Sunday." It's fascinating how personal it becomes in the last moments.

So I'm taking a minute out of my own private preparation to comment on this phenomenon. And I also want to wish every one of our artists a very successful and gratifying experience tomorrow.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Proud Mama

I can't help it. I will gladly admit that I am NOT objective on this subject. But also, I know I'm right!!

Eddy and I went to the Local 14 art show yesterday at the Forestry Center. I definitely enjoyed the show, and saw some gorgeous things, but I just kept thinking about the various artists we have in our own show, coming up on Sunday. And I had to suppress a little giggle because.... it's gonna be SO GREAT!!! In my not-so-objective mind, I think we have artists just as good as some I saw yesterday, but none of the so-so offerings.

I left feeling pretty jazzed about our show, and went home and put up our new Guest Artists page. Even though I don't have photos from every single guest, I just had to put it up, so people can see the variety and quality we will be sharing! Check it out... i think you'll be impressed!