Saturday, April 9, 2011

What's In A Name?

It was my job to print up labels for our new "Gateways" exhibit at Neveh Shalom. Each artist sent me the titles of the works they were submitting, as well as the medium, and perhaps a brief explanation of the connection between the work and the Gateways theme. It was a most interesting process, because I was not seeing the actual works. My imagination was going a little crazy, trying to imagine what these pieces might look like.

Consider this example. Leslie Elder had a piece called "Smoothing Out The Wrinkles." I knew it was a watercolor painting, but had no idea what it looked like. Her info talked about the "Eyshet Chayil" blessing, and how a husband's reputation is partly based on the good deeds of his wife. I couldn't imagine what it might look like!

So it was with great curiosity that I showed up on Monday for the set-up of this exhibit. I looked for Sharon Segal's "Separate But Equal???" and Laura Joy's "Doorways of Choice", Ellen Shefi's "Ice Puddle" and Shemaya Blauer's "Releasing What Is Known." And I looked for Leslie's 3 pieces.

In each case, I was blown away! This is such a powerful gathering of theme-based works! I think I'm not going to tell you what Leslie's painting looks like, because you have to see it for yourself. When you see the three paintings together, and read her thoughts on them, you may experience the exquisite lump-in-the-throat that I did.

You will get goose bumps when you see Laura Joy's fabric sculpture, and you will feel the most beautiful serenity looking at Eddy Shuldman's "Wanderings" Seder Plate juxtaposed with Diane Fredgant's painted silk wall hanging "L'Dor vaDor." You will recognize the family history behind Barbara Berger's two gateway photos. And much more.

The exhibit is on display through the end of May. Come to services, or any activity, or just drop by during the day and ring the buzzer to be let in. You'll be glad you did!

a theme-based exhibit of artwork by ORA artists
at Congregation Neveh Shalom
2900 SW Peaceful Lane
Portland, OR 97239

Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's Time to Join ORA!

Are you curious?
Looking for a supportive arts community?
Searching for networking/exhibition/sales/opportunity?
Desire web exposure for your artwork?
Motivational workshops?

ORA Northwest Jewish Artists will be holding an informational meeting for prospective members on Tuesday, April 5, 2011 in the Zidell Chapel of Neveh Shalom Synagogue from 7:15 - 8:20 pm.

A 3-tier membership structure assures room insures room for everyone! Join and lend your support. Join and enjoy exhibition and web opportunities. Join and help ORA grow.

We hope to see you on April 5th!
Admission is free.
All Jewish artists are welcome.