Monday, September 19, 2011

Touch Drawing Opens the Artist to New Places

ORA artists and guests gathered this afternoon to explore Touch Drawing. Led by artist Shemaya Blauer, we used brayers to spread ink on boards, layered on tissue paper, closed our eyes and drew. Shapes formed beneath finger tips, palms and even elbows. Evocative patterns emerged while blocked channels opened.

This was a special opportunity to explore what was hidden beneath the surface and a new process was explored! Fun? ... yes! Inspiring? .... definitely! Messy? Absolutely!

Thank you Shemaya for a great session....and our gratitude as well to Neveh Shalom for providing us with a marvelous space to do our soul work.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Our Latest Exhibit

You know how, after awhile, exhibits kind of look the same? Well, in this case, it doesn't! We all dropped off our artwork at Neveh Shalom and departed. Then our two curators too over and created a completely new exhibit in about an hour. When we came back to pick up whatever they didn't use, it was amazing! The new show looks so very different... and really beautiful!

This exhibit includes the work of: Shemaya Blauer, Leslie Elder, Laura Joy Fendel, Diane Fredgant, Esther Liberman, Sharon Segal, Ellen Shefi, Eddy Shuldman, Diana Unterspan, and Sabina Wohlfeiler.

Kudos to Laurie Fendel and Sabina Wohlfeiler for doing such a great job with this.

Everyone should come by and take a look. This exhibit will be up until late October, in the lobby of the main entrance of Neveh Shalom. Nothing's for sale... just come and enjoy.

Congregation Neveh Shalom
2900 Peaceful Way
Portland, OR 97239