Tuesday, May 20, 2014


                                                  ANNUAL MEETING!   

                          It’s June 8th...right after new folks jury....2-4pm!
                          @ Neveh Shalom in room #102
                           2900 SW Peaceful Lane
                           Portland, Oregon 97221

If you want to jury for a new media, you still need to send in an application. No jury fee is needed for members! Go to our website to get the info or drop Diane Fredgant an email. 

So glad you asked! We’ll confirm the new steering committee, share our 2014-15 calendar, sign up for exhibition opportunities, schmooze, have a nosch....and most importantly, share our art.

WE WANT EVERYONE to bring along 1-2 pieces of art they have created...we conduct a little “gallery walk” and learn about what each of us do. Each artist is invited to take 30 seconds or so to simply introduce their work and give us all a better sense of what you do!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Have you seen the May issue of Oregon Jewish Life magazine?  We're so proud of ORA members Laurie Fendel, Eddy Shuldman, and alumnus Carole Glauber.  Also proud of Israel…..

Friday, May 16, 2014

New ORA SHALOM exhibit at Neveh!

Our latest ORA SHALOM exhibit kicks off tonight at Congregation Neveh Shalom!  Come for a PDX Live service led by Cantor Deborah Bletstein, and stay to view wonderful artworks by ORA members David Slader, Laurie Fendel, Ellen Shefi, Robert Brenner and Victoria Epstein. The exhibit is in the glass bookcases in the main entryway, and will remain on display through the summer.