Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sweet Struggle

Sabina Wohlfeiler writes:

Sometimes I ask myself, "Why bother stepping out of my artistic comfort zone? Why not just continue to develop my voice using the imagery and materials that suit me best (intimate views/ watercolor)?" Whenever I'm in the grip of that sweet struggle of bumping up against artistic brick walls, as I was a week ago, I revisit these questions.

It had been almost a decade since I last took a workshop at Menucha, offered by the Creative Arts Community (now in their 46th year of operation). That one was welding, and I was WAY out of my comfort zone, jumping and screaming every time I turned on the tanks. (I did, however, produce two sculptural pieces that I adore!)

This time I set myself a dual challenge: learn to use pastels successfully, and conquer my frustration with landscapes (what do I include in the composition? what do I edit out?). I knew that Marla Baggetta , a master pastel artist with a gentle spirit, would be the perfect guide. And the beautiful gorge setting at Menucha would provide more than enough inspiration. So I was ready!

However, four of the five days were exercises in frustration! Marla's demos were wonderful, the weather superb, the classmates supportive, and yet I could not produce anything of worth. Finally, on the fifth day, I got it! I worked small, on toned paper, and merely suggested forms. Marla walked by, liked what she saw, and made sure I stopped! "Go on to another one!", she insisted. At the end of the day, I had FIVE successful pieces!

Was it worth it? Most definitely. I'm so pleased to look at these pieces and savor the success of meeting my goals, however painful it was to get there!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Celebration of Art!

Well, that jury day turned out to be very rewarding. We have a whole slew of new guest artists for this year's Celebration of Art, as well as some new members and returning guests. It's going to be a beautiful show, with some artists you won't believe!

What treasures will you find? Come and enjoy the hunt.

Mark your calendar: ORA Celebration of Art!
Sunday, October 30, 2011
10 am - 4 pm
Mittleman Jewish Community Center Ballroom
Admission is free.