Saturday, May 26, 2012

ANNA KODESCH- new exhibit!

Works from an Unfinished Room
BC Gallery at Antoinette Antique and Estate Jewelry
2328 NW Westover Rd
June 7, 5:30-8:30pm

about the work in the show:
Anna loves to challenge the notion of "accurate color" by using the paint on the canvas as a medium to prove that accuracy does not always equal perfect aesthetics. She does this by taking seemingly unrelated splotches of paint and combining them in such a way that, as a finished product, they result in a true, beautiful, artistic representation of the subject – whether that be a face, a landscape or a piece of fruit

Friday, May 11, 2012

A New Ritual Is Born!

Two months ago one of our critique groups gathered in a living room to talk about our art work. In typical fashion, we took turns showing our work or discussing a question about a project. We follow a protocol that keeps on task and moves us along in a very supportive and encouraging way.

When it was her turn, Esther shared that she felt stuck. She shared her frustrations and asked the group to process her question....."How Can I get 'UNSTUCK?'"

She sat silently jotting down notes as the group discussed her dilemma. Diane said it was time to change her work environment , reorganize, cut past practices loose, and the group echoed her sentiment. We talked about the phases involved in such an endeavor. We agreed it would be hard for her to re-imagine her studio: to clean it out, purge the junk, and make it a sanctuary- a place of imagination and creativity- and a source of blessing.

Now if you thnk that sounds a bit woo-woo....wait, because there's more! We also suggested that members of our critique group come in and help her with the big purge....and other members should create a ritual to welcome Esther into her new creative space. We knew it would be a tough bit of advice to accept, but we really wanted Esther to do it.

With incredible courage, Esther agreed. She admitted reluctance, hesitation and a bit of fear but she welcomed Diane and Laurie into her studio and together they re-imagined her space....and then they got to work! Laurie had storage suggestions while Diane returned with swift decisiveness to help Esther move through stacks of papers and drawers and boxes filled with beads, tools and assorted other items.

This morning we gathered in her new space. It was astonishing! Her desk was cleared off and we discovered it was made of wood! The room had a sense of peace and calm. To that we brought our love and a ceremony I would call Hanukat ha-makom (dedication of the place.)

Julie is not only a talented jeweler but also a licensed aroma-therapist. She brought a sage bundle (smudge stick) and essential oils to the space. We lit the sage and filled every nook and cranny with the incredible aroma. Esther stood still while Diane used the burning sage to form a soft and scented cloud around her.

With the initial cleansing complete, we chanted some blessings I wrote and Esther put her hands in our hand- mikveh (aka a glass bowl.) Julie sprayed a floral scented mist that brought the room to life. Esther, a woman already blessed with creativity, vision, and a steady hand was welcomed by her sisters in art to her new sanctuary. We sang the traditional blessing for something new: the shechianu and we shared tears as each of us blessed Esther with the on-going courage to step outside of her comfort zone to discover new possibilities.

Renewal isn't easy. Esther still points to places where she wants to re-arrange and more beads she needs to purge. But the space is nourishing, organized and calm....and new projects are waiting to be invented.

Blessings to you Esther! May your new artistic journeys be adventurous and creative. You are a blessing to our group and to our community!

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Sabina Wohfeiler (painting), Glenn Decherd (ceramics), Shemaya Blauer (touch drawing), Diane Fredgant (silk painting), Sharon Segal(painting) and Roberta Cohen(jewelry)  all have representative work on display at Neveh Shalom.

The exhibit will open with a musical bang at Friday night services. Klezmocracy will accompany Cantor Debbie Bletstein in a rocking service of rhythm, spirit and true tefillah! It will be a shabbat for the senses!

Services begin at 7:30 and immediately following you can meet the artists and see the new art work in the lobby while enjoying a nosh!

All the work displayed is available for purchase and the artists will donate a portion of their sales to the synagogue. Pick up a business card and call the artist after shabbat.

Thank you Neveh Shalom for continuing to host our rotating art shows.