Friday, December 21, 2007

An update from Esther

It was long, and we were tired, but the Holiday Market at the French American International School was a success!

Rosana and I had tables right next to each other, which was nice. It was entertaining to watch all the goings-on, from students on stilts, to classes singing Christmas carols, to contortionists, to the French wine guys flirting with the young women, to kids trying to persuade Moms that they need their ears pierced.... you get the idea. And in between, Rosana and I each sold a healthy amount of work, so we were happy.

That's my last show of the season, so now I can turn my attention to our next ORA exhibit.
This is a challenge.... "Exodus: Our Journeys." Hmmmmm.....

More on our versions of Exodus coming soon - but save the date

Feb 7 - 24, 2008
Oregon Jewish Museum

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Friday and Saturday

Rosana Berdichevsky and Esther Liberman will be exhibiting their artwork at the annual Holiday Market at Portland's French American International School [This is a fund raiser for the school.]

Friday, Dec. 7th 3pm - 6pm
Saturday, Dec. 8th 9am to 6pm
Free admission.

8500 NW Johnson St, Portland 97229. Corner of Cornell & Miller Roads.
More info:

This event includes food and gift vendors, a Parisian Cafe, and wine tasting from several local and international wineries.

Sounds yummy - art, food and wine - a great mix