Sunday, November 30, 2014


STU LUXENBERG in his first ORA show!

We hold much gratitude in our hearts for the many blessings we received this year. Sometimes it just feels like words are insufficient. That said, we will try! This is our first installment. We have many people/organizations to thank!

The MJCC has long supported our efforts to bring the arts to our community.  Of course we pay rent..... but their co-sposnorship is evident in their encouragement, and visionary guidance. Their staff members are exceptional and the building itself lends itself so well to hosting events like this.  We hope to repay their kindness by continuing to offer Jewish Arts Month events that bring in the crowds. Please help us in our appreciation of all they do.... come check out the facility! Learn about membership opportunities...and tell them how much you value the numerous contributions they make to the larger community in terms of fitness, health and culture.  Such an amazing gift.... And they have been doing it for 100 years! Happy birthday MJCC!!!!! (6651 SW Capitol HWY, Portland....503.244.0111) Mittleman Jewish Community Center is a non-profit organization. Your donation would go a long way in supporting the remarkable work they do! 

Monday, November 24, 2014

A Taste of Art: CUPCAKES!!!!!!

One of the biggest hits of our "Taste of Art" evening were the cupcakes hand made/decorated by ORA's own Ros Kane. She decorated these cupcakes in the genres of our art" pottery, glass, metal, paintings, photography...some folks thought they weren't edible....and delighted in accepting the challenge to take a bite...DELECTABLE!!!!!! creative! artistic! WOW!!!!!!!!! Thank you Ros for your stunning generosity and creativity!

Saturday, November 22, 2014


Our awesome team on cheese patrol.... getting ready for out opening event this evening....Saturday November 22, 2014  at Mittleman Jewish Community Center...7-9:30pm.
Free spirits, wine and beer....AND  tasty morsels to snack on!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


"THE NOTED" is one of Portland's newest bands.

They will entertain you while you sample awesome distilled spirit samples from Eastside Distillery, Widmer Brewing, and Sip D'vine!

You can delight in free samples of cheese...and special treats from the mediterranean food truck Chickpeadx.

ORA art will be available for purchase. Admission and treats are free! Buy art and receive a free raffle ticket for every $25 spent. The prize packages include a hotel stay, theater tix, dinner....and more!!!!!!

Saturday night Nov. 22 7-9:30pm at the MJCC (6651 SW Capitol Hwy- PDX) ....and Sunday 10:30-4:30. Free admission both days. 

Food and beverage samples only available Saturday night. Raffle tickets are available until 4pm Sunday!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

History Rolls On

8 1/2 years ago, a dozen Jewish artists met in Eddy's living room, and dared to dream.  ORA: Northwest Jewish Artists was born (although it would take a few months to settle on that name)!

A few months later an exhibit opportunity arose, and we jumped at it, even if we felt unprepared. Our first public exhibit was a 10-day showing at Oregon Jewish Museum, beginning September 7, 2006. The exhibit was appropriately titled "B'reishit."

Two months later we launched our first big art show, the precursor to our annual Celebration of Art shows.

It's hard to believe, but next weekend we will hold our NINTH annual Art Show. Much work and many exhibits have transpired in these 8.5 years. Many successes and a few disappointments. Guest artists and members have come and gone. Our little website has grown to an incredible size, and expanded to include a blog and Facebook. Our Steering Committee has worked with unbelievable persistence and devotion. The work of our artists lives in homes all over the globe. And Celebration of Art has grown beautifully, continuing to gain community support.  But the excitement has never diminished, and I'm still shaking a little bit as I write this post. After all these years, I worry "am I ready?"

Whether you're a member, a guest artist, an alumnus, a vendor, or a patron, we invite you to be part of this historical event. Come and really experience the phenomenon that is CELEBRATION OF ART 2014!  We're all making this journey together.

Saturday evening, Nov 22nd 7-9:30 pm
A Taste of Art  at MJCC
Food & drink samples, live music, preview of the art

Sunday Nov 23rd  10:30 am - 4:30 pm
Celebration of Art  at MJCC
Over 25 Jewish artists showing & selling their work

September 7, 2006  
"Breishit" exhibit opening night at Oregon Jewish Museum 

Monday, November 10, 2014


Just in  case the fine print is too fine....
    join us for the festivities at Portland's MJCC 6651 SW Capitol Hwy
Saturday evening Nov 22: A TASTE OF ART! 7-9:30pm
free admission, free samples of wine, beer, distilled spirits, food!
Hear the awesome band THE NOTED, a new band in town!

Over 20 artists will have their work on display and available for sale.

Sunday Nov 23: Celebration of Art
Discover beautiful artwork perfect for holiday giving or as a treat for yourself!

Free Admission!   BONUS RAFFLE.....Receive a raffle ticket for every $25 spent on art! Winners need not be present. THe drawing will happen Sunday afternoon at 4pm!